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We are here to inspire, empower
and make a difference.

Our Story

Beginning in 2008, Filamujuani came from a passion to help eliminate poverty creatively-by teaching young people how to tell their stories using digital media.

We believe that telling your own story is not only cathartic but also uplifting and a life skill worth having.

For almost a decade we have taught and mentored students through a foundation in media arts program that focuses on filmmaking and photography. After completing our program students go onto internships and ultimately employment changing their lives forever.

Through the education of digital media, Filamujuani exists to provide the opportunity for youth to tell their stories and earn money so that they can better their future.

Program Benefits:


Students are able to continue their education and support their family with money earned from employment.


Students exposure to crime in their community is reduced.


Students gain practical work experience to add to their resume.


Students learn life skills and are prepared to enter the workforce.


Graduates are able to secure employment working for T.V. shows, documentaries, and adverts.

Our Vision

For Africa’s youth to live dignified and prosperous lives

Our Mission

To create jobs and opportunities for Africa’s youth through the creative industries.

Meet The Team

Eva Wanjiku
Eva Wanjiku Executive Director
Eva is a seasoned economist and investment professional with over ten years of experience. She is passionate about youth empowerment and inclusive economic development.
Carlos Munene
Carlos Munene Production Manager
Carlos - Head of production Carlos is a visionary and creative thinker with over 7 years of experience in the Film Industry.
Happy Muringa
Happy Muringa Operations Manager
Meet Happy Muringa – the operations maestro at Filamu Juani Foundation with a flair for creativity and a cheeky grin.
Jentrix Lucia
Jentrix Lucia Administrative Officer
Meet Jentrix Lucia, a dedicated administrator and videography tutor with a strong pas storytelling.
Lawrence Muriithi
Lawrence Muriithi Equipment Manager
Meet Lawrence Mutugi Muriithi – the mastermind behind captivating films and heartwarming community stories, all told through the lens of photos and videos.
Caroline Njoroge
Caroline Njoroge Digital Strategist
Meet Caroline Muthoni Njoroge, a dedicated and result driven social media manager for Filamujuani Foundation.
Marcus Amin
Marcus Amin Training Strategist
I am a prolific content creator and director of photography with over 6 years of experience in the TV and Film production industry.
Kelvin Masika
Kelvin Masika Photographer
A Cinematographer/camera operator and also a photography tutor at filamujuani.
Mark Kuria
Mark Kuria Production Coordinator
Meet Mark Kuria the technical production lead at Filamujuani Foundation.
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